Primecoin is unaffected by the alert system crisis

As explained above, the alert system is only a problem if a crypto-currency copied the alert system code exactly from Bitcoin. Ethereum, for example, developed their own core codes and therefore would not be affected. For altcoins, however, it takes developers incredible insight that allows them to identify and understand the alert codes in the massive Bitcoin software, and foresight to realize that it could be a problem in the future.

Sunny King, the creator of Peercoin, Primecoin, the concept of Proof of Stake(PoS) and alternative Proof of Work (aPoW), had both. A volunteer developer of Primecoin, Harrye Tian, informed us that Sunny King had already noticed and took care of the alert system issue back in 2013 when Primeocin was initially released.

Reading into Primecion’s source codes released on Github, Harrye noticed that Primecoin was based on Bitcoin version 0.8.6, which contained the alarm system codes. He then reached out to Sunny King, who reassured him that the private key has been changed to a key that is only known to SK himself. Even if Nakamoto’s key was revealed, Primecoin will remain unaffected. Sunny King expressed his gratitude to Harrye for raising his concern and for his contribution to the community, and the two discussed the future of Primecoin developments. Sunny King hopes that Harrye Tian, together with other volunteers, will continue their effort on Primecoin and soon release an updated version of Primecoin, improve its technology and security, add more functions and keep the community active.

The end message

It is believed that there are still many altcoins that have not updated their codes relating to the alert system, and is still vulnerable to the release of Nakamoto’s private key. I hope this will serve as a reminder to their developers to take action. Furthermore, I believe that with the help of volunteers such as Harrye and others, alongside support from Sunny King himself, Primecoin will catch up its lost time and evolve into a better and more versatile platform.