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Core Qt







Only 64-bit builds are maintained and supported by Primecoin as of 0.1.4. Support for 32-bit Primecoin builds has ended as of September 2019.

  • [WINDOWS] Download the win32 setup executable.
  • [LINUX] Download the Linux Qt client. For advanced users primecoind daemon can be downloaded directly from Primecoin's latest release.
  • [ANDROID] Primer is full featured Primecoin mobile wallet with high security cold wallet mode. Install from Google Play or Github.
  • [ANDROID] Gemmer is a minimalist easy-to-use Primecoin wallet and multi wallet. Install from Google Play or Github.

Installation on Windows

To install Primecoin on Windows, download the executable and run the installer.

Installation on Linux

On Linux-based distributions, you can obviously go the route of either extracting the tar.gz through a file manager (or unzipping program) or CLI. For the purposes of this installation guide, we'll simply stick with command-line interface.

Navigate to the directory you downloaded the file to.

cd ~/Downloads

Extract the tar.gz

tar -xzvf primecoin-*-linux.tar.gz

Install the client.

sudo cp primecoin*/bin/[architecture]/primecoind /usr/local/bin/primecoind

Replace [architecture] with 32 or 64 depending on whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system.

Make the daemon a service.


Running Primecoin

Note: If you have never run Primecoin before then please allow time for the blockchain to be downloaded.


To run Primecoin, simply start the Windows client. If you've never run Primecoin before, please allow it time to synchronize the blockchain. You will be able to tell when it has finished synchronizing when the client is no longer providing updates, such as "6 weeks"..."5 weeks", etc. This does not indicate how long it will take, rather how much of the blockchain will be downloaded. The time it will take for it to synchronize depends on your Internet speeds.


To run Primecoin, enter the following command, which will run the Primecoin daemon in the background and have it running after you exit the terminal.

primecoind --daemon

To get a list of commands type:

primecoind help

To get help with a command type:

primecoind help [command]

To stop the daemon type:

primecoind stop

To get your mining status type:

primecoind getmininginfo

To get your balance type (tells how much Primecoin you have in your wallet):

primecoind getbalance

To see your transactions (including rewards for generating) type:

primecoind gettransactions

To send primecoins to another address type:

primecoind sendtoaddress [address] [amount] "[comment]"

For example:

primecoind sendtoaddress AGx4qUkpKGLtBAib7AwzMyvRRFWChfnSdC 1 "Thanks for your help with setting up Primecoin"

Backing up and Moving Primecoin

If you want to move Primecoin, install the Primecoin wallet software on the target computer and drop wallet.dat into the install folder. To backup your wallet, make a copy of the file wallet.dat.