Primecoin and
Prime Chain Proof of Work

A new type of proof-of-work based on searching for prime numbers is introduced in peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designs. Three types of prime chains known as Cunningham chain of first kind, Cunningham chain of second kind and bi-twin chain are qualified as proof-of-work. Prime chain is linked to block hash to preserve the security property of Nakamoto’s Bitcoin, while a continuous difficulty evaluation scheme is designed to allow prime chain to act as adjustable-difficulty proof-of-work in a Bitcoin like cryptocurrency. Primecoin Whitepaper

Why Primecoin?

Useful PoW Primecoin's Prime Chain Proof of Work secures the blockchain through the search for Twin Prime Chains and Cunningham Chains.
Energy Multi-Use Primecoin is the first cryptocurrency to achieve energy multi-use, offering an alternative paradigm for blockchain security.
Mystery of Sciences Primecoin pays homage to the deepest mysteries in Arithmetics, which are now more and more seen as deeply connected to the mysteries of our physical Universe.
Smooth Experience Primecoin's transaction confirmation is both faster and smoother.. Primecoin adjusts both network difficulty and mining output smoothly.
Gold Simulation As a cryptocurrency Primecoin simulates Gold better. Gold has restricted production rather than artificial supply cap, which may compromise network security.
Balanced Inflation Primecoin's security is independent of network transaction fee, and only provided for through balanced inflation to compensate for mining.


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World Records

Another world record broken on 30 March 2018! Primecoin found the first length 15 Twin Prime Chain, which has an origin of 96 digits! More World records


Primecoin mining is currently mostly GPU based. Pool mining and Solo mining options are available. Mine Primecoin


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